2014 Red Blend November 9, 2017

2014 Red Blend – 60% Merlot, 40% Syrah Bold and ready to travel in a 1.5L pouch which keeps three times as long as a bottle once opened. Buy Potter Wine – 2014 Red Blend

The Ambassador – Artist Series December 23, 2016

The Ambassador – LIMITED EDITION Artist Label – 100 total  75% Syrah, 25% Grenache from the Horse Heaven Hills AVA. Potter Wines will be featuring a local artist with select releases. For each Artist Series bottle you purchase, the artist will receive a portion of the sales. Limited run of 100. 2016 Featured Artist – Casey Andrews of Boise, Idaho. Buy Potter Wine The Ambassador – Wine Bottle Limit – 6 per order

The Ambassador December 21, 2016

The Ambassador. 75% Syrah, 25% Grenache from the Horse Heaven Hills AVA. It won’t disappoint! Buy Potter Wine The Ambassador – Wine Bottles  

Jalapeño Wine Lemonade June 18, 2015

Despite his sour appearance, this traveler is certain to be the talk of every get-together. He’s part Mississippi plantation, part Rocky Mountain foothills. A vacationer at heart, he’s a free spirit who can’t be boxed in or bottled up and always delivers the entertaining twist needed to turn ordinary occasions into unforgettable escapes.   Buy Potter Wine – Jalapeño Wine Lemonade

Original Jalapeño Wine March 3, 2015

Slightly spicy, Jalepeno Wine, with a balanced light sweetness. Excellent sipping wine on a quiet evening at home or with friends. Try it as an aperitif before your next meal to stimulate your taste buds and appetite. Add it to your sangria for that something special. It’s uses are limited only by your imagination. Outstanding cooking addition. Use it to marinate, sauté, slow cook or as a reduction. Incredible with chicken, shrimp, fish or lamb. Try it on all seafood,…

Chipotle Jalapeño Wine March 3, 2015

Chipotle Wine is spicier with a nice smoke flavor. This is a wonderful sipping wine for the adventurous wine lover. Smooth and flavorful at the front of your mouth then pleasantly warming. Try shots to get the party going. Will set your creative dishes apart from the others. Use this to marinate, sauté or braise for a smoky addition. Cook long and slow for the most tender, flavorful and moist piece of meat imaginable. Amazing with beef, pork, chicken, fish…

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